Imagine a collaborative environment where everyone’s goal is to win new business skills and gain key knowledge to hyper-grow their business

Our expert trainers and graduates provide a wealth of information – all at no additional cost during the Forum week

Five times a year, CEO Space International brings together CEO’s, business leaders, visionaries, and top consultants in a variety of fields to help you work ON your business.

View the Corporate Cultural Development video on the right – it’s just one sample of the many stellar trainings delivered by proven experts in their field. 

Consider the diversity of the connections you will make while at CEO Space:

  • Mature business owners and those just starting out
  • Professionals seeking to hyper-grow business operations while meeting the requirements for CEUs
  • Artists, Authors, Inventors, Professional Speakers, Celebrities and more
  • Fortune 1,000 Executives seeking cooperation systems training
  • CEOs in transition or Seniors launching mentor or second careers
  • Entrepreneurs combining business growth and family bonding though our entrepreneurial program for teens and young adults
  • Manufacturers / Importers/ Exporters, etc.
  • Wealthy men and women attending to invest in venture space growth firms
  • and CEOs representing virtually every industry imaginable

Some CEO Space graduate projects include:

  • Best New Automotive Product of the Year
  • Best New Consumer Electronic Product
  • Best new overall Consumer Product of the year
  • Best new Pet product of the year
  • Best new Educational Toy Product of the Year
  • Best New Inventor of the year after year at INPEX
  • Countless Best Selling Titles
  • New Independent films
  • Major real estate developments on world stage
  • Many new technologies and sciences
  • Artistic projects now on PBS specials
  • Countless Home Shopping and TV marketed products

Although not well known throughout New England – yet, CEO Space is the one conference that guarantees we speed up your business or we refund your money!

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