As An Entrepreneur, You Control Your Own Destiny!

When it comes to earning a living there are choices.  Work for someone else and make them rich, join an MLM or purchase a franchise where you think you work for yourself but still have lots of constraints, or take control of your future and become a true entrepreneur, business owner, inventor, investor or thought leader —  you choose.

But what if you don’t come from an entrepreneurial family, don’t have lots of money for trial and error, or haven’t been fortunate enough to find a mentor who takes you under his or her wings and teaches you how to fly solo?  Of course there is always the educational route – which can be very costly and time consuming.  And the fact is, on their own, most traditional business programs don’t teach cutting edge entrepreneurial skills or create a collaborative environment where strategic relationships with like minded peers and potential business alliances flourish.

Beat The Odds – Because We Don’t Quit Until You Win

When you become part of the CEO Space International family, opportunity is what you make it.  It’s the organization to belong to for writing your own script and turning your vision into reality. One of the beautiful things about this organization is that it compliments what ever path you choose.

It’s not like traditional education where after graduation you left with tons of debt and to figure things on your own. As lifetime members, CEO Space Graduates get to return to our Business Growth Conference Grad Weekends for simply the cost of their own transportation, lodging and food. Each time returning to learn more skills, get more customers, form more alliances, and focus on what is needed next to grow their business.

Learn, Earn and Return

At CEO Space we have a philosophy of Learn, Earn and Return. All week you can meet with experts most people could not afford to hire – for free, simply for being a member. This is possible because our staff, faculty and many of our members help us pay it forward by tithing of our time, up to five times per year at our week long Business Growth Conferences, which are listed by Forbes as must attend events for entrepreneurs.

Who joins an organization like CEO Space?

Start-ups to established business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, inventors, investors and varied business professionals.

CPAs and lawyers – CEO Space is on the cutting edge of compliance and education – earn CEUs for attending! Keep up with the latest changes in hot new topics like Crowd Funding and more.

Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs – CEO Space can speed up your business. We guarantee it or your money back!

Venture capitalists and successful and wealthy business people –  Many successful lifetime members return to the forum to tithe their time to help aspiring entrepreneurs or invest in projects that resonate with them.

Real World Business Growth Education

All our our instructors are successful business owners and experts in their field.The training component delivers 30 hours of professional continuing education credits which are issued for licensed professionals attending in all categories in all 50 USA States.

There are around 50 training sessions to choose from during each Forum.  A typical CEO will look at the schedule and select five to eight they may need right now – while never missing the meals that work like booths to drive new customers into their business. Find out more.

Learn the Language of Capital, Capital Compliance and be in an Environment to Raise Capital

Not every business needs to raise capital but for those that do, CEO Space bonus classes (included free as part of your membership) help bring everything you need into one Space – education, advise,  and opportunity!  Although there is no guarantee of funding, investors love our environment and return conference after conference scouting for unique investment opportunities.  Learn more about our bonus capital classes.

What’s your project? What do you need next to grow your business?

How about access to world class coaches and professionals for:  Business Sequencing, Teams / Board of Directors / Legal Advice, Tax Strategy, Capital Compliance, Intellectual Property, Branding, Social Media,  Manufacturing, Distribution / Mass Marketing Education, Marketing Plan Review, and more.  Need Customers? Platforms to speak on? Connections in the Publishing Industry?  TV / Media Industry?  You name it, you’re likely to find it at CEO Space International.

Lifetime members enjoy unlimited private appointments with business leaders and professionals FREE – five times a year at forums held in Lake Las Vegas / Henderson, Nevada.  Learn more by contacting Linda Kaye at 603-296-6215.