Pre-Conference Bonus Classes include a free training on capital raising skills.  Worth $ 10,000.00 and FREE to our lifetime members! Berny Dohrmann works interactively with members. More games, more practice, more skills fully transferred.

Raising Capital at CEO Space

raising-capitalCEO Space has long been known as a place where you can meet investors and raise capital.  Members have raised millions as a result of contacts they garnered in The Space.  With the ever changing SEC rules, why would you want to come to CEO Space to “raise capital.” Here’s why:

  • Investors attend to find venture opportunities so they can diversify their portfolios
  • Investors remain anonymous giving them the freedom to see products and services and their CEO’s in action before considering an investment
  • New and seasoned entrepreneurs alike stay current on the latest SEC rules and are taught how to be over-compliant
  • The best and brightest attorneys with close ties to the SEC are instructors and mentors – teaching classes on how to properly raise capital, protect your IP, how to safely and effectively present your opportunities to investors, and how to attract investors 
  • You can hire these attorneys, after you meet and vet them choosing who you most resonate with and will help you make the best decisions – no spending thousands first only to find you made the wrong choice
  • You are not alone – members help each other and create personal relationships at a C level to bounce ideas around, ask for advice, have a friend to celebrate wins and recalibrate after set-backs
  • Networking throughout the conference to showcase your ideas, help others with theirs tapping into the most cooperative space available in business today
  • A place where you can practice your presentations promoting your product or service through in-room presentations
  • An Expo where you can display your product or service and get clients, customers, feedback, market research, investor interest, and so much more

The list can go on and on, these are just a few of the highlights to help paint the picture of what you can do at CEO Space.  The canvas would not be complete without mentioning two important details:

First – Relationships Raise Capital

The best way to attract the capital you are seeking is to build relationships while attending The Conference and continuing them long after the session has concluded.  

Investors do not want to be bombarded with desperate entrepreneurs looking for money.  They want to take their time, have some fun, build relationships and enjoy the process in a relaxed and flowing manor.  They most often choose to invest in ventures where they have built a personal relationship because they enjoyed the CEO or person presenting the product or service.  They are not always looking for the fastest path to cash or the next Big Thing or even what will make them the most money – sometimes it is as simple as “I believe I would like to work with you on your project.” Choose an investor you can work with, receive valuable guidance from and someone you will be able to call a friend.

Don’t go looking for investors – they will show up when you are doing the right thing at the right time.  Spend your time cooperatively helping others, presenting your ideas during the appropriate venues (SNAP, in room presentations, meal tables, EXPO and Implosion) learning how to raise capital properly and building relationships!

Many of our members have told us they did not receive investor money from anyone they met at the Conference, instead they were introduced to an investor through a connection they made while attending.  CEO Space has been labeled as the place where one degree of separation occurs. So keep your intentions on the goal, not so much on how it will happen and exactly when.

This process cannot be rushed – take your time to build first – it always pays off in the end.

Second – Follow The Rules

Stay current on SEC rules and do not work outside their limitations.  At CEO Space we teach over-compliance in order to protect our members and investors.

A perfect example of following the rules is the current ruling requiring a 10 day waiting period to receive capital from an investor.  As you can see it does not make sense to come to CEO Space expecting to leave  with a check in hand.  In the past this was acceptable and happened – due to the current rules, you have to wait until you return home to complete the transaction.  This will allow you and the investor to make sure you are making the right decision and not rushing into what could be a long-term bad relationship.  

The Complete Picture

There is no other place that offers a lifetime membership with continuing education, updates on Securities laws, access to attorneys before you hire them, and most importantly investors in the network and access to more investors through connections from other members.  Why would you not want to become a member of CEO Space?